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Why Planning 3-steps Ahead is NOT a Good Idea

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The success of every plan, goal, or solution depends on what vantage point you’re viewing it from. Most people never even take the first step of a plan that could be the answer to accomplishing a dream. Why is this? Although many factors play into this “lack of movement”, more often than not the brick wall or un-climbable mountain shows up: we start imagining all the steps required to achieve the dream or solve the problem. It might look doable with the 1st step and maybe even the 2nd step, but when we get to the 3rd step we begin to see “the wall”. Our minds get to the 5th and 6th possible steps and suddenly it’s “no way”. We start thinking … those steps are not possible for me, or way to complicated. So … there’s the never ending story … why even take the 1st step? more

Emotions and Thoughts

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Our feelings and emotions could be considered the source of power that drives us forward to achieve our goals and dreams in life. It is through the energy of our feelings and emotions that we fuel our thoughts to make them real. By itself, the power of our feelings and emotions may be confusing, scattered, and without direction. It is in the presence of thought that our feelings and emotions are given power and direction … breathing the power of manifestation and life into the image of our thoughts.

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A Message of Hope

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If we look at the light and the dark side of life there is a common thread. Some say that we wouldn’t recognize the Light if we hadn’t experienced the dark at some point in our life. Being in the “Light” is often described as experiencing a feeling inside and being surrounded by pure joy, love, and a peaceful balance with all of nature. As adults, most of us are guaranteed to have experienced a time in our life where we would describe it as being lost in the dark. Our memory is usually quite vivid and attached to some unforgettable emotions. You probably would agree that when you were in that dark place it was next to impossible to share love and what I call the “Light” with another human being. This is the memory I ask you to draw on and realize that to share the healing sensation of Love and Light requires us to be and remain in the Light. more