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A Message of Hope

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If we look at the light and the dark side of life there is a common thread. Some say that we wouldn’t recognize the Light if we hadn’t experienced the dark at some point in our life. Being in the “Light” is often described as experiencing a feeling inside and being surrounded by pure joy, love, and a peaceful balance with all of nature. As adults, most of us are guaranteed to have experienced a time in our life where we would describe it as being lost in the dark. Our memory is usually quite vivid and attached to some unforgettable emotions. You probably would agree that when you were in that dark place it was next to impossible to share love and what I call the “Light” with another human being. This is the memory I ask you to draw on and realize that to share the healing sensation of Love and Light requires us to be and remain in the Light. more

A Magnificent New Year

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Dear Friends,

Michael and I wanted to take a moment and let you know that you are very special and have incredible potential. This time in our history has been both trying and exciting! How you experience it will be solely dependent on how you see yourself and how you decide to “be” in the world.

We have great faith in you! We know that you have a profound capacity for Love and an incredible strength inside of you. You have a great mind and you are highly intuitive. With your innate creativity you are poised to begin this New Year with unlimited potential. Yes, Unlimited Potential! more

Attention - The Elusive Secret

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Sometimes we need to say something out loud to draw attention to it. Without our ability to put our attention on something, we could say that we might as well give up. Our attention is fantastically important to us. It controls our ability to be in control of ourselves. Otherwise where would we be?

When we put our attention on our attention we have all the power in our hands. With this simple secret action with our minds, we have the recipe for our own evolution at our finger tips … Awareness!! more