A Magnificent New Year

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Dear Friends,

Michael and I wanted to take a moment and let you know that you are very special and have incredible potential. This time in our history has been both trying and exciting! How you experience it will be solely dependent on how you see yourself and how you decide to “be” in the world.

We have great faith in you! We know that you have a profound capacity for Love and an incredible strength inside of you. You have a great mind and you are highly intuitive. With your innate creativity you are poised to begin this New Year with unlimited potential. Yes, Unlimited Potential!

We know that you know … you have all you need right now to make all of your dreams come true. You have the power to create your own reality!

And, we are looking forward to celebrating you as you come in to your own in this magnificent New Year of 2013.

You deserve the absolute best that life has to offer!!

Just remember to NEVER forget you are that powerful…and…NEVER ever give up!!


With all the Love and Wonder we have,

Jennifer and Michael

Jennifer-Becker-GavatarAuthor: Jennifer Becker
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