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If we look at the light and the dark side of life there is a common thread. Some say that we wouldn’t recognize the Light if we hadn’t experienced the dark at some point in our life. Being in the “Light” is often described as experiencing a feeling inside and being surrounded by pure joy, love, and a peaceful balance with all of nature. As adults, most of us are guaranteed to have experienced a time in our life where we would describe it as being lost in the dark. Our memory is usually quite vivid and attached to some unforgettable emotions. You probably would agree that when you were in that dark place it was next to impossible to share love and what I call the “Light” with another human being. This is the memory I ask you to draw on and realize that to share the healing sensation of Love and Light requires us to be and remain in the Light.

In this beautiful and formidable place of Light we can help bring all those we think about and come in contact with in to a wonderful and peaceful space where miraculous healing can take place. You can’t send Love and Light if you don’t stay in the Light. You have the power to touch another person’s heart a thousand miles away instantly by sending them a powerful thought of healing and love.

As much as recent events draw our attention towards the dark…we must keep our hearts filled with Love and Light. It is in this space that we create a world where darkness no longer exists.

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