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Inspiration Action Living | Coach Jennifer BeckerJennifer Becker is the co-founder of Inspired Action Living with Conscious Product Center: a one-of-a-kind resource for refocusing, rebuilding and re-energizing lives burdened by a lack of encouragement, challenging situations, and limiting beliefs that delay genuine success. She is the producer and radio show host for the hit radio show, “Inspired Action Radio with Jennifer B.” She is the author and creator of the extraordinary transformational game called The Vision Master Game TM. She is the creator of inspirational Audio programs, an Intuitive Life Expansion Coach, a Personal Development Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Mastermind Group Leader. She is a gifted teacher and facilitator of human potential with a lifelong commitment to helping others discover and become the extraordinary people they were always meant to be.
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Jennifer’s intuitive ability to create and offer unique transformational products and services has allowed her to successfully guide individuals to overcome their limitations, discover their unique capabilities, and rekindle genuine passion in their lives. The products and services she provides are all designed to inspire and support a doable, let’s-make-it-happen approach to creating meaningful change and lasting success in ALL areas of life.

    Jennifer’s Work: Inspiration Action Living | Coach Jennifer BeckerJennifer’s foundational education in business administration, led to years of additional study in the areas of: human transformation; optimal tools for achieving personal success; the use of Temperament and Personality Assessment models for growth and change; and over the past 10 years, developing practical, doable strategies based on the converging worlds of quantum science and spirituality. She has over 20 years of hands on experience as a General Manager, Human Resource Director, Corporate Vice President, and Intuitive Life Coach. The knowledge she gained as a business leader, as well as a personal development coach, speaker and trainer, has given Jennifer unique insights and abilities in optimizing and aligning the practical requirements of daily living with our individual desire to become our authentic selves. Her genuine passion and commitment to bringing out the very best in people has enabled her to excel as both a business manager and Life Expansion Coach by facilitating a supportive and encouraging environment of Cooperation, Collaboration, and Co-Creation.

    Inspiration Action Living | Coach Jennifer BeckerJennifer’s passion for motivating and empowering others to move beyond their limitations ultimately led her beyond the corporate world and toward her true passion as a Personal Development Trainer and Coach. This work is focused on helping individuals tap into their greatest potential to create the lives they were meant to live. Jennifer does this by assisting her clients in first uncovering and then systematically addressing the beliefs and habits that are holding them back – giving her clients a safe, open and creative environment for developing fresh insights and new beliefs about who they really are and what they are actually are capable of. In this process she helps clients rediscover one of the most important links to personal success….improving the quality and depth of their own Self Value. Jennifer has a powerful personal story about overcoming limitations and ultimately transforming her own low Self Value into becoming a strong, positive, loving, and confident individual. She presents seminars on “Self Value: Seeing Yourself as your Greatest Asset”; “Tripling Your Success with the Law of Attraction”; “Uncovering Your Own Blue Print by Understanding Your Temperament”; and much more. She also leads a monthly discussion group that explores the value of understanding individual temperament/ personality strengths and challenges. Her real life, experiential “I’ve been there and done that” understanding of the emotional, spiritual and practical components necessary for meaningful change and growth is what sets her apart.

    Inspiration Action Living | Coach Jennifer BeckerJennifer’s personal story: