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Sometimes we need to say something out loud to draw attention to it. Without our ability to put our attention on something, we could say that we might as well give up. Our attention is fantastically important to us. It controls our ability to be in control of ourselves. Otherwise where would we be?

When we put our attention on our attention we have all the power in our hands. With this simple secret action with our minds, we have the recipe for our own evolution at our finger tips … Awareness!! With intentional action on controlling our attention, we get to control what we do, where we go, and how we get there. But, more importantly, we actually have the power to change our life. So, why is this awareness so elusive to us? Why is our attention on auto pilot most of the time? And, why can’t we control it more easily? Why does it often feel like a chore to monitor and control our own attention?

Simple. Because we were never taught to do this as we were evolving as a child. There are simple human actions we were taught as children and now as an adult it comes easy to us. There’s no struggle required. Our ancient ancestors knew to teach their children how their minds worked and what to do with it. But, in modern times we’ve forgotten how our minds actually work and therefore lost the incentive to continue teaching this lesson to our children.

The good news is … as adults we can learn, we can form habits, and we can establish patterns. We can learn to control our attention so that it does come easily to us. If we do this, we will literally harness the power to not only control our fortunes, but more importantly, we will create a powerful new reality for ourselves and those around us to experience.

Paying attention to “where your attention is” is not “new age” nonsense. It is the most important lesson you will ever learn. The second most important lesson you will ever learn is, now that you control where your attention is … direct it to seeing yourself as an incredibly powerful individual that has complete control of their attention. You will be unstoppable!!!

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