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Why Planning 3-steps Ahead is NOT a Good Idea

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The success of every plan, goal, or solution depends on what vantage point you’re viewing it from. Most people never even take the first step of a plan that could be the answer to accomplishing a dream. Why is this? Although many factors play into this “lack of movement”, more often than not the brick wall or un-climbable mountain shows up: we start imagining all the steps required to achieve the dream or solve the problem. It might look doable with the 1st step and maybe even the 2nd step, but when we get to the 3rd step we begin to see “the wall”. Our minds get to the 5th and 6th possible steps and suddenly it’s “no way”. We start thinking … those steps are not possible for me, or way to complicated. So … there’s the never ending story … why even take the 1st step? more

Attention - The Elusive Secret

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Sometimes we need to say something out loud to draw attention to it. Without our ability to put our attention on something, we could say that we might as well give up. Our attention is fantastically important to us. It controls our ability to be in control of ourselves. Otherwise where would we be?

When we put our attention on our attention we have all the power in our hands. With this simple secret action with our minds, we have the recipe for our own evolution at our finger tips … Awareness!! more