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Life Expansion Coaching

Get some personal coaching for a short time…then coach yourself for the rest of your life.

No one needs to live unfulfilled. There is always another way, a better way that can move you toward the realization of your greatest dreams, goals and visions. You are always just one choice away from creating your “best” life … and you don’t have to do it alone.
Life can be very challenging. In key areas of life it’s not unusual to find ourselves feeling frustrated, confused and unfulfilled. At times, we may feel like we’re not moving fast enough. At other times, we feel completely stuck and like we’re not moving at all. All the while we keep hearing that tiny voice from deep within us whispering softly but insistently, “I know what I’m saying doesn’t make us feel comfortable…but I do think we’re headed in the wrong direction”.
Here’s the honest truth. You don’t have to settle for unsupportive relationships, unfulfilling work, poor health or the feeling that you’ll never discover your true potential to fulfill your greatest dreams, goals and visions.No one should reach the end of their life with their dream still in them. Everyone can and should be moving confidently in the direction of their greatest passion and loftiest goal. But sometimes life’s situations and circumstances get in the way. It can be difficult to make it happen entirely on your own. Sometimes you need a partner. Someone who can support and assist you in clarifying what it is you really want, help create a workable plan for getting there, and then help you stay focused all along the way. Someone you can confide in and who is passionate and committed to helping you achieve the success you want. That’s what coaching is all about.

Sometimes a burst of genuine insight and clarity is all it takes to get your energy moving forward.

Our greatest passion is helping individuals open up to their innate internal power and then discover what they truly are capable of.

As this is a labor of love on many levels for us, we strive to make our coaching services affordable for those who are ready for positive change. We are unique in this respect due to our passion for helping individuals get a hand-up (not hand-out) to help them open their eyes and see a bright and hopeful future.

Life Expansion Coaching Services:

This program consists of (2) 50-minute sessions focused around specific topics or challenges that are in need of Mastermind problem solving. Great for immediate situations that are blocking you from seeing your next step, moving forward, or starting your personal journey to discovering or unlocking your unique potential. These sessions are designed to get you unstuck from your current plateau and enable you to gain some clarity and hope.
This program consists of (4) 50-minute sessions focused on specific topics or challenges that are in need of an effective kick-start and creating an inspired plan of action.
This program is individually designed around the specific need of gaining clarity, breaking free to regain forward momentum, discovering potential, and creating an inspired plan of action for ongoing success. This package is ideal for an ongoing relationship with a life coach who can serve as a strategic partner that will support you as you craft and implement a new roadmap for your future and hold you accountable as you take those steps towards your greatest life.

For more information on our coaching services or if you have any questions please Email us or you may call us at (503) 332-1784.

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