HOPE… Your Most Important Ally

How to Stay Hopeful in a Rapidly Changing World

Discover the critical ingredients for creating HOPE in your daily life. No matter where you are, Finding HOPE will enhance, and profoundly impact your level of Happiness and success in the changing world around you.

If you don’t have HOPE, you’re defeated before you start!


“The experience of HOPEFULNESS is unmistakable!  When you’re at the height of HOPE you’re literally sitting on the edge of your seat.  Your words are sharper and clearer and there is this lightness, this uplifting feeling throughout your body.  If you haven’t had this feeling in a good while, you have to re-learn it!”


In today’s world HOPE can be elusive. Your days are filled with responsibilities, obligations, and your basic survival. How much time each day do you spend on nurturing your HOPES and Dreams? How often do you experience moments when you wonder “when is it going to happen for me? How long is it going to go on like this? Is this as good as it gets? What does it take to accomplish my goals and dreams?” You might be thinking “Do I have what it takes?”

Your most important ally IS HOPE! The reality is… if you don’t have HOPE, you’re defeated before you even start.

You deserve a great life! No matter what anyone has ever told you or shown you. You deserve a great life!

It Isn’t What Happens That Matters… It’s Your Ability To Move Forward After It Happens

You are moving along a particular path, one that you believe is taking you exactly where you want to go. Then… bam! Life hits you full force… like a freight train!  How do you move forward after you’ve been in a train wreck?

It all comes down to how much HOPE you have inside of you. The amount of hope you have today and for the future determines how derailed your life becomes and for how long. The solution… always keep your HOPE tank filled!

When You’re Hopeless… You Risk Becoming Helpless


It’s Time For You To Recognize The Most Important Ally In Your Life… HOPE!

Come join us at this rare and wonderful event all about HOPE!

January 30, 2016 – 10:00am to 1:00pm – Portland, Oregon
Join us for an Event that will Ignite the Fire Inside of You
and Prepare You for an Epic Year of Success in 2016


We are so excited to announce this very special Seminar called “HOPE… Your Most Important Ally”.  Seating for this event is limited and registration is required.

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“Maintaining HOPE is one of the hardest things we”ll ever have to do in life.  Learning to keep our HOPE tank filled can change everything.  It makes everything better, lifts every spirit, eases every challenge, literally makes you excited about living your life…no matter what comes at you!”

The secret to living the kind of life you’ve always wanted is recognizing that the level and quality of your HOPE determines how you take action in your life and what level of success you experience.

Discovering your beliefs around HOPE, and finding HOPE you didn’t know you had, can transform your entire life.  HOPE is not only extraordinarily empowering, but also puts you on the fast track for creating daily joy, better health, financial security, and ultimately finding your real purpose in life.

What to expect:

✓Understanding… What is HOPE?  Why do you need it? How to find it.

✓A renewed sense of purpose and HOPE for creating an Inspired Action plan for the life you desire.

✓ Authentic validation that you ARE worth whatever it takes to make your dreams come true.

Learn practical steps toward creating and maintaining HOPE… so that you can confidently move forward to achieve your personal brand of happiness and success.

Learn how to create a ripple effect around you…helping others and helping you stay motivated and HOPEFUL.

Increased ability to recognize what healthy, meaningful dreams and goals look and feel like.

✓ A stronger capacity to stay empowered, and HOPEFUL during tough times and around difficult people.

✓ Why just “wishing” for something simply isn’t going to work.


Cost:  It is important to have an Energy Exchange to honor the value for those handling the details in preparation for this event and those who have chosen to participate.  The energy exchange for this event will be an event fee of $29.00. Please register early to secure your seat!

Where: The beautiful PCC Sylvania Campus in their Theater Room. Located in Tigard, Oregon, near I5. 10 minutes from downtown Portland.

Co-Presented by:  Jennifer and Michael Becker who are the founders of www.InspiredActionLiving.com with Conscious Product Center.  They produced and hosted a radio show for the hit show, “Inspired Action Radio with Jennifer B.” They created the extraordinary transformational game called The Vision Master Game™. They create inspirational Audio programs, are Intuitive Life Success Coaches,  Personal Development Trainers, Motivational Speakers and Mastermind Group Leaders.  As gifted teachers and facilitators of human potential, they have a lifelong commitment to helping others discover and become the extraordinary people they were always meant to be.



Register For This Incredible Event Now!