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They Were Wrong!

You ARE Extraordinary and Truly WORTHY of Life’s Greatest Gifts

Self Value Success System

You deserve the same level of success, peace, and happiness as those who grew up with powerful family support and strong encouraging mentors in their life.

If you want much more from your life – see and feel your personal value to the world – create healthy and empowering relationships – upgrade your belief about what you can accomplish – actually experience the life you were born to create – this is the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

Transform Your “Self” into Your Greatest Asset in Life

Jennifer’s system is changing lives.   “It’s a powerful viewpoint that can refocus and re-energize your life, to not only accelerate your own success, but can also help transform the lives of those around you.  Everyone deserves the opportunity to see it and feel it.”

With This Powerful and Simple Idea You CAN Have it All!

If you are having trouble creating or maintaining a healthy, positive, successful life then please read on.  If you’ve ever been held down by another person, or have been treated in any way that led you to believe you were less than, that you were not capable or good enough, or like many, you weren’t supported and encouraged when you needed it; keep reading to discover what this remarkable “Self Value System” can do for you…

⇒ Re-energize a sense of hope and expectation for you to experience a powerful and successful future.
⇒ Bring your mind into a state of clarity over new ideas and your own personal potential.
⇒ Upgrade your self-confidence to such a high level that it is easily noticed by others.
⇒ Redefine your personal boundaries to where you have new talent in maintaining them sensibly and effectively.
⇒ Flood your heart and body with powerful feelings of support for your Self and your right to be happy.
⇒ Start attracting satisfying, healthy relationships in all areas of your life.
⇒ Upgrade your viewpoint to where obstacles become inspired opportunities.
⇒ Discover extraordinary skills in tapping into new and valuable resources for success.

Dear Friend,

You deserve the greatest gifts life has to offer!  I believe this with every fiber of my being.  The key is that you need to whole-heartedly believe it too. Consider me an old friend that you lost a long time ago and…I’m here to remind you how beautiful, powerful, and brilliant you are!

There is so much we’ve learned over the years about our human bodies, our minds, our hearts, and our spirits.  Now, even science has joined the crusade of self-knowledge and transformation.  No matter how much we learn, we will always come back to the number one most important belief we can hold…our belief in who we are, how we are, and what we are here for.

A long time ago I found out the hard way that if you have a poor to mediocre viewpoint of yourself, life is going to reward you with that exact level of experience.  Life doesn’t judge.  Our human problem is that our own Self Value starts to be shaped at a very early age.

There are key moments in our upbringing or in our adult lives where getting some form of acknowledgement and encouragement would be vital to our personal success.  If we didn’t get it, the consequences can be devastating.

This is why I created this audio course.  No longer do you have to wait for that acknowledgement or encouragement to create and experience the happy, fulfilling, and exciting dreams that were meant for you.  Stop waiting for the support to come from where it should have come from.  It is here now.  Because, you so richly deserve it!

Be the amazing individual you were always supposed to be.  This spiritual old friend will be honored to help you get there. You matter a great deal and you are indeed worth it!

I am so glad you are part of this world!


Self Value System


The keys to success lie in mastering a viewpoint to seeing yourself as the most valuable person in your life. Seeing yourself as your own key to success is vital to quickly transforming your life into one that attracts financial abundance, significant opportunities, positive and inspiring people, and, above all…meaningful purpose and sustaining joy on a daily basis.

  • ▶  Audio MP3 – 11 Keys to Living a Valuable Life  
  • ▶  Audio MP3 – Bonus Audio #1 “Seeing Yourself as Your Greatest Asset”  
  • ▶  Audio MP3 – Bonus Audio #2 “Mastering Your Personal Boundaries”
  • ▶  PDF Documents – “Self Value Priority Package”

Audio MP3 – 11 Keys to Living a Valuable Life: This Audio provides 11 keys to letting go of those misguided and destructive messages that you received during your lifetime, that led you to believe you were not enough, less-than, or incapable of achieving greatness. The Audio reveals the often overlooked but absolutely critical ingredients for creating a truly valuable and magnificent life. No matter where you are in life, this powerful message will enhance, upgrade, and profoundly impact the way you see yourself and the world around you. You will learn to accept your extraordinary value as an individual, believe in what you are capable of, and transform your life into one where daily joy and personal success is a common experience. It’s time to accept, expect, and create your own personal success story!

Audio MP3 – Bonus Audio #1 “Seeing Yourself as Your Greatest Asset”: This Audio delivers an amazing dialog about shifting your viewpoint and putting your dreams on the fast track. If you were asked to make a list of your most valuable assets in life, would you be on the list? This viewpoint is what separates those who are successful in all areas of their lives and those who are not. It is about creating extraordinary health, creativity, and real financial security by improving the quality of your belief and acceptance of who you are, what you are, and how you are.

Audio MP3 – Bonus Audio #2 “Mastering Your Personal Boundaries”: Managing your own personal boundaries is one of the most important skills to master…and can be one of the most difficult. Depending on your temperament and life experiences, many individuals are challenged by: knowing when it’s healthy to say “no”; balancing how much energy to give before stress sets in; handling potential conflict without anxiety, managing needy people before they totally drain you; how to bravely handle the hurt feelings of others; and, finally, how to gracefully serve your own need for inner balance and peace. Join us for a lively discussion on how healthy strong personal boundaries can create a life full of balance, health, vitality, and happiness.

PDF Documents – Self Value Priority Package: Helpful documents to assess where you are and to keep you on track as you move towards becoming a Master of Self Value!

Your Self Value System is Ready For Immediate Download!


Listen to this short audio preview of the Self Value System.

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Be Your Own Success Story!

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“I have to say, Jennifer is one of those speakers that gets right to the heart of it. Her message was so meaningful for me. I’ve listened to it several times now and continue to be uplifted and inspired by it. Excellent program!!” -Linda

“This is truly a transformative program! I have read and listened to so many different self help teachers and Jennifer really really gets the message across about self value. I was always taught that one should not be ‘selfish’, but never taught that I should value my self as my greatest asset. What a valuable concept! I will be listening and integrating this many times over. Each time I listen, I learn more and value my self more. Thank you Jennifer!!! You are a magnificent teacher!” -CM

“I listened to the Self Value System Audio last night and it was just fantastic. First of all, what great work you’re doing to assist people in finding their true potential. It was so easy to listen to and I was completely absorbed. All the progressions of thoughts and lessons is perfect. The content is just great, great, great!!” -MW

“Wow! This was more than I expected. Thank you..Jennifer! I’m looking forward to listening again.” -Don B.

“Brilliant! I really loved it! Especially your voice and tone throughout, really enhanced the insightful messages and key points. I’m definitely going to get my younger brother to listen now.” -Joan.

“Jennifer, Thank you for creating such a great program. I was really struck by how empowered I felt after. To be honest, that surprised me. I’m going to have to take more time with it. Keep on creating, I’m a big fan now!” -Paula N.

“I have to be honest, I bought your program and then waited for a good time to listen. It took me about 2 weeks to find the time and then I was amazed! I’d had a crazy week that ended with a family dinner. Oh how I wish I’d listened before that dinner. You’re so right and your messages were a huge benefit to me!! Thank you! “ -Phil