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Self Value System
This Self Value System package includes the following: Audio MP3 "11 Keys to Living a Valuable Life"; 2 Bonus MP3 Audios "Seeing Yourself as your Greatest Asset", "Mastering your Personal Boundaries"; 4 pdf documents "Self Value Priorities".

The Vision Master Game
A transformational game designed for up to 6 players. The game contains a large beautifully designed flexible playing surface, 4 unique decks of instructional cards, dice, colored stones, player discs, and an audio CD with 3 short audio programs.

    • A large and beautifully designed playing surface
    • 4 unique decks of cards that have distinct questions, ideas, observations, intentions, and actions on them
    • Wooden player pieces that represent your movement in the game
    • Unique dice to help players progress around the stone path
    • A pouch of beautiful colored stones that are accumulated throughout the game
    • A powerful audio CD that prepares each players mindset for playing the game.
    • 3 section audio cd set designed to be played at certain points, including when the first player reaches the center.

    The Vision Master Game™ Helps You Redefine What It Means To Live An Extraordinary Life While Living On An Extraordinary planet.

    Right now the world desperately needs YOU at your best. The world needs strong, positive, inspired people… even visionaries. The Vision Master Game™ helps unlock that potential in you and those around you every time you play!
    The Vision Master Game™ is designed to give you fresh and inspired ideas, while creating a mindset that allows you to effortlessly unlock the brain waves that build the dreams inside you. This innovative process also stimulates the collective mind and heart of the group to come up with unique answers and new creative ideas. You’ll experience new and thought-provoking conversations, exciting visions for humanity, a sense of open compassion, and a burst of new possibilities.

    Expand Your Awareness, Energize Your Spirit, and Create a Renewed Sense of Hope.

    If you’re looking for a way to rediscover your true potential, introduce yourself to new life-changing ideas, and strengthen your ability to achieve bigger dreams for yourself and those around you…then we invite you to play THE VISION MASTER GAME™. This game represents an innovative and exciting way for small groups of like-minded people to play, grow, and evolve…together.

    THE VISION MASTER GAME™ is unlike any game you’ve ever played. It is challenging, exciting, and rewarding in a way that other games simply can’t duplicate and provides an experience that stays with you long after you’ve played. The game offers each player the opportunity to tap into the powerful and positive flow of energy that is created during the game. The game is designed for 2 to 6 players (adults or mature young adults), but can be expanded to include more players.

    “I thought I’d send you a note to share that I had a great surprise last night. I was having a very difficult day yesterday and I almost canceled plans to get together with a few friends of mine. On top of that, one of them brought this ‘game’ to share…and I don’t even care for games. But, to be social I participated. WOW! It was perfect for me! It brought up ideas and answers that I really needed to hear after the day I’d had. I just wanted to say to you as a “surprised” player. Thank you…great product. I will definitely play it again! -Rebecca

    “I brought The Vision Master Game to my family reunion as a potential activity and, all I can say is it turned out to be an amazing experience! My brother surprised us all by sharing a side to him that was so great to know. My other brother, the comedian, had us all laughing until our sides hurt. It was really a great family experience that I won’t forget! I guess I won’t cringe at going to the next reunion.” -Suzie

    “When I first rolled out the game surface, I didn’t know whether to frame it or play on it. It is really stunning! And, then we played and had a really amazing time, and we were also surprised at how powerful some of the visions were. This is a really great game and a great idea to help bring some hope and positive messages to the world right now. Everybody should play this game.” -Michael

    “It’s more than just a game…it’s a life affirming experience for not just yourself but those who participate with you. This game exceeded my expectations and I recommend that everyone plays it more than once in their lifetime!” -John

    “What a great game! It was so refreshing to play a game where I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days. Some of the game cards were so inspirational, I wanted to carry them around with me. I also haven’t laughed that much in a long time!!” -Bill

    “I love the Vision Master Game! It combines the practice of focused intention with mind opening questions. The game is fun to share with those you love as well as those you are just getting to know. It’s coming into the world at exactly the right time.” -Mary

    “It’s the best game I’ve ever played! And, it was so fun, thought provoking and exciting at the same time.” -Cinthia

    “I had to send this email to let you know that we love The Vision Master Game! My husband was so skeptical, but after we played it’s been because of him that we’ve played it multiple times now. The surprising thing to me is that it is turning out to be a different experience every time. You’ve created something really special here.

    We both wanted to Thank You for sharing this great experience with the world!! -Dawn

    “Playing The Vision Master Game was so insightful and entertaining, and is unlike any game I’ve played before. I learned a lot about my fellow players, and even a few things about myself. I was also pleasantly surprised by the lasting impact of the creative intentions brought to light during the gameplay. I would recommend this for anyone who wants to connect with friends and family in a fun and meaningful way.” -Misti

    “The Vision Master Game is much more than a game, it’s a process of celebrating your potential and opening pathways to illumination. I sat down to play the game with my husband and a group of close friends. We enjoyed a loving, thoughtful, and powerful experience together. I really look forward to playing the game with other groups of friends and family.” -Mary