You Matter A Great Deal

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You Matter!  You are incredibly important.  You are the single most powerful force in your life.  You may find moments where it is difficult to be in this power.  These are the moments when you use your body.  If you are having trouble seeing and feeling your power, try this:


Go outside and stand on the earth (grass or dirt will do).

Take your shoes and socks off.

Stand tall with your back straight.

Lift your head and shoulders up.

Take a very deep breath.


Allow your mind to ponder the science.  Right now the positive electrons from the earth are flowing through your body and your blood stream at rapid speed.  Your blood flow is improved and your cells are being energized.  This is real measured science.


Repeat these words…

I matter a great deal

I am safe and protected

The world needs me

My spirit and energy changes everything

My love heals others

I feel empowered

My dreams matter

I can accomplish anything


You are a limitless being.  Your ultimate goal is to believe it and show the world with your life that you have no doubts about it.

I am so happy that you are part of this world!

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